Saturday, February 20, 2016

Disney Fun

When you have a love of Disney like I do, you have a connection with others who have a love for Disney. Brionna Straube, who owns Golden Southern Sun shop on Etsy, loves Disney as much as I do and it has inspired her to create a store that is chop full of great Disney products that I love. I even have a few of her products and they are perfect for the average Disney lover.

I have a few awesome items from Golden Southern Sun. One is a ring dish. I know that Brionna is very fond of these dishes because they were inspired by her own engagement so they hold a special place in her heart. I have the Gaston one that reads "I use antlers in all of my decorating". I keep my favorite Cinderellas carriage ring on it.
 Then there is this amazing decal that I have put on my water bottle. You can put it on anything, but my car is here with me and my computer is black so it wouldn't have showed up very good.
 I also have this Magic Band decal. It says "Chewie...We're home". I really like it. It goes perfectly with the Launch Bay background.
 Brionna also included this sweet note for me. I really love the Golden Southern Shop that you can access if you click here. Find you some magical gifts. Let me know what you think of this shop and this post in the comments below and.....


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