Saturday, February 13, 2016

Disney Official

I'M HERE! I can't even believe it! I have now been through check in, drug testing, casting, housing session, and my lifeguard swim test. It was a lot and the first day was exhausting. Here's my story.

Check In
I arrived at check in earlier than my time (7:45) and they told me to come back at 7:45 so I drove down the road and waited for a little while. 7:45 was the first time so if you have anything after that, you can probably go ahead and not have a problem, but if you were one of the firsts like me don't go early.

When they let me in they sent me through this line that was one section after another. First they scan your itinerary and send you in. They had granola bars and oranges set out for us. I grabbed an orange. You will come to a lady who will have a sticker to put on your itinerary that says your title and where you will be working. (Lifeguards! You won't know where you are working until your swim test.) Then they send you in to get your picture taken for your housing I.D. After that, you get a Program Guide and key to your apartment. Then you pick up your I.D. And they give you a run down of your itinerary.

When your check in is over and you have time, you can go to your apartment and start moving in. I was the first in my apartment with five other girls. I chose my bed and moved what I had in. There wasn't a lot but there was enough.

Drug Testing.
I got there early too but the nurses weren't there yet so I had to wait a little. (The only time ever I am early/on time and no one is ready for me) Some positions won't have drug testing, but if you are running equipment, saving lives, etc. you will. I peed, yes I peed in a cup and that was all. It wasn't as bad as my last one where I didn't have to go at all and it took forever for me to finish.

So here they take you into that infamous building you always hear about but never get to go to and it was glorious. I can't really tell you much and I am definitely not supposed to show you much because there wasn't any pictures allowed past a certain point. Basically they just check all your I-9 paperwork and finger print you. This lasts about an hour to an hour and a half and it's not that bad.

Hopefully none of your parents will show up asking for you, because mine did. My dad worked here a while ago so he knows where everything is and that is how this happened to me. It's okay though because after they took me over to Downtown Disney or what is now referred to as Disney Springs (gag) and we ate there.

Housing Session
This only lasts an hour and it can be really fun. They show you videos and go over the rules and it's not bad at all, but you do have to get there on time or they will close the doors on you.

I realized earlier in the day that I was absolutely cranky. I was so tired and annoyed, not for any reason. Everyone was really nice everywhere, but I was just bleh. I knocked out hard when I finally went to bed and I realized that I can fake a smile like no other, because no matter how tired I actually was, I was able to smile at every face I saw that day.

Lifeguard Swim test
This is where I was so nervous. I knew we had to swim 200 yds and tread water for two minutes and retrieve a ten pound brick from the bottom of the pool. I was still scared though. We also did an eye test. I haven't taken one of those since senior year of high school so it was interesting to learn I still had 20/20 vision. I'm glad I passed everything though and I found out where I was working.

It was an exhausting couple of days but at the end of it I felt like I could start having fun. And I did. I am so blessed to be here in this place with awesome people and places and things to do.  I can't wait for the real adventures to begin. Let me know if you thought this was helpful in the comments below and as always


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