Sunday, December 20, 2015

Disney Christmas!

So every year my mom decorates to the nines for Christmas on the inside. And outside my dad does the same thing. Inside, though, we have so many beautiful decorations and almost half of them are Disney themed. Let me just show you.

The Ornaments

The Stockings

The Shelves

The SnowGlobes

The Hidden Mickeys

The Salt and Pepper Shakers

Show me all of your Disney touches this Christmas! And as a little game, see if you can tell me how many Disney ornaments are in this picture! Name them if you like.

Have a Magical Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Disney Questions!

So as I have said before, I have applied and been accepted to the Disney College Program. I want to share with you somethings for your preparation should you choose to do the same.

The Process:
1) First you will do an online application. It will be long and there will be an over abundance of questions just be prepared to answer all of them honestly.

2) Then if you make it past that, you will be accepted for a phone interview. Remember when you pick your time for your phone interview, that you have at least an hour to do it. I did mine two hours before my class one day so that I would have enough time.

3) The phone interview will be riddle with all kinds of questions that I will write more about below. My tip for you here is to smile while your on the phone. I know they can't see you, but believe it our not a smile can be heard. *Shout out to my friend Michelle who did the College Program a couple of semesters before me and gave me this tip.*

4) Then you will have to wait for the email. Try not to stress about it because really the ball is in their court so just relax and wait. This also won't come until maybe months later.

Phone Interview Questions:
For the phone questions I looked up blogs just like this one to get prepared. The one I used was called The Disney College Program Life. It really helped prepare me. There were still some that weren't on there that I was asked specifically to apply to my application so I will share all that I can remember.

When they call they will be very nice and personable, which is a requirement for Disney, so if you don't know how to handle people then I suggest running away now. If you do then by all means, please read on. Please keep in mind these are not in the order they asked me.

  1. Why did you choose the Disney College Program?
  2. It says on your application that you are___(this could be anything from conversational in a language to a type of certification)___ are you aware that, if you recieve an invitation to be a part of the Disney College Program that you will be required to take a test of___(whatever applies to your ability)___ when you arrive?
  3. How do you react in emergency situations?
  4. Are you interested in Character performance? Can you make any of these auditions before you arrive?  (they will give you dates and locations)
  5. When living in the dorms you could possibly be living with one to seven other girls, do you think you would be okay with this?
  6. Have you ever had a roommate before and if so how did that experience go?
  7. The Disney College Program has students from all over the world, how would you handle a roommate who may speak a different language?
  8. Some cast member positions have to repeat the same line often. How would you keep it new and exciting?
  9. How do you think this oppurtunity can help you in your future?
  10. What is your major? What do you plan on doing with that?
  11. Why do you think the Disney College Program can help you gain experience with your major?
I didn't give you my answers because this should be all from your heart and what you really think about what they are asking you.

They may ask you more than this, they may ask you less. I could be forgetting some. Just be positive and happy. Make sure to brag about yourself a little bit. Don't be obnoxious but you are trying to get them to see why you are the best choice. They will give you more information on the phone and they will ask if you have any questions. Try to ask something because you don't want to seem like you don't actually care about what the program is like or what it does.

So there are a few tips and experiences that got me accepted to the Disney College Program. I hope this helped prepare you and good luck to all who try for it.

Have A Magical Day!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Disney Accepted!


Hi! My name is Malan McCracken and I am a college student. At the beginning of this past fall semester, I applied to be apart of the Disney College Program. I applied because I have grown up my whole life going to Disney World.

      We moved a lot as kids (me and my three older brothers). Our parents weren't in the military or anything, our dad would just get different jobs in different places. Well, I, alone, have lived in five different states in my 21 years. If you think that's a lot, remember my brothers are older than me and we were all born in different states.
      It never bothered us and it wasn't a bad thing, but the thing that was always there was Disney. No matter where we lived we always managed to find our way to Disney at one point or another. You might say we were Disney Raised. 
      We were definitely raised Disney. My brothers and I would sing Disney music all the time. The best part? When it's your brother who starts singing "Part of your World" instead of you. That was the first Disney song I remember learning as a kid.
      Even though we have gotten older, that hasn't stopped us from seeing all the new Disney movies too. That's the best part of Disney. It never gets old even if you do. We still have all the classics on VHS and I don't think we will ever get rid of them. They are our childhood.

 So if you haven't guessed already, I did get accepted for this wonderful opportunity to work at the place I have grown up loving and am always wanting to go back. I love Disney! Everything about it!

While I am working for Disney I will be blogging here! I want to share my experiences with anyone who loves Disney as much as I do or whoever wants to do the Disney College Program. I am excited and nervous, which is always a good combination.

I hope you enjoyed my introduction to this blog and what it is about. Let me know if you have any blog requests or question and what you thought in the comments below.

Have a Magical Day!