Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Disney DCP Arrival Itinerary

Hello! Just a little information for those of you with questions about the DCP! Yesterday I received my check-in itinerary! This lovely email informs you about the day you will get to that magical place we all want to call home! I received this exactly two weeks before my arrival day for those of you that like to have an idea of when you will get yours. Here's the gist of the Arrival itinerary:

The Look
It will have your name, arrival day, and leave day at the top. It will then list your first week responsibilities.

Tells You
Check-in: Arrival Day, a time, and location. Not everybody has the same arrival time and the location will always be Vista Way even if you aren't living there.

Drug and Alcohol Testing: Day, time, and location. This may not be the same day as Arrival and make sure to hydrate! I can't stress that enough. Last time I did this test I had to drink like 10 cups of water and it took me forever to finish it. It was embarrassing so HYDRATE!

College and Culinary Onboarding: Day, time, and location. Again, this may not be the same day. This is also known as Casting so basically your job assignment because we are all cast members!

Housing Welcome Session: Day, time, and location. Again, may not be the same day and this is MANDATORY so make sure you get there on time or you will have to reschedule.

Traditions: Date, time, and location. This will be a few days after your arrival and this is your orientation for Disney. Every cast member ever has been through Traditions and I am so excited!

Specialty Sessions-
I am a lifeguard so I will have something on my itinerary that others won't. Specialty things like this happen in between Traditions and everything else and you may not have one at all, but some jobs do have special training like this.
Swim Test: Date, time, and location.

Under each event you will have a small description and what to bring to that event. 
Example: Check-in requires a printed copy of your itinerary, a printed copy of your boarding pass, and a valid government issued I.D.
Even under my swim test I am informed to bring goggles and a towel.

When You Get It
When you get your itinerary, it is an unspoken rule to post it in your arrival Facebook Group because there will be one. Right now, that is all that consumes our feed. Everyone will comment if they share the same times as you even if you only have one time in common with them. It's really fun to see who you will be sharing the day with. If you do random roommates, like me, who your rooming with may not have the same schedule as you so don't assume you are going to live with your itinerary buddies. If you tagged roommates don't freak out if your schedules are completely different.

Moving In
After Check-in you will have your key, where you are living and with who. Anytime you have free after that you can start moving in. My mom asked me if the seven dwarfs were going to be there to help. I was like "What, like I whistle a happy tune and they'll just appear?" Sadly no. Your family is welcome to help you at your apartment, but they can't accompany you to your events. You have to do that all on your own.
I hope this helped inform any of you with these questions and I hope you enjoyed! Get excited, this means we are close. Let me know what you thought in the comments below and....

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