Friday, January 8, 2016

Disney Attraction!

For many many years, I was afraid of the Tower of Terror. I had worked up all this courage and then the Six Flags drop tower had an accident. I was doomed at that point. Then a couple of years later my brother convinced me to go on it. I sat next to my dad and I absolutely loved everything about it.

Don't Fear:
Disney is NOT Six Flags. Disney takes the utmost precaution when it comes to all of their attractions and they have a lot more to lose if they mess up, so they won't mess up. Also, Tower of Terror is basically a track. Instead of it dropping you, you are literally on a track that is pulling you down and up. This gives you the feeling of weightlessness and is way safer compared to relying on a cable to last and catch you. So don't be afraid. You are extremely safe.

Wow Factor:
Something I love about Disney is the way they transport you to wherever you are. Tower of Terror is a hotel. Its prime was the 1930s, aka the golden age of Hollywood. Then there was an accident. Five people disappeared in a lightning struck elevator in 1939. And so the hotel closed, forever frozen in 1939. Along with the souls, that never left. The wow factor here is the detail that was put into this attraction. Walking through the line, you see a dried up fountain with lily pad lights that are true to the time. You also see the lobby that is cobweb ridden but exactly how it was left in 1939 with even a guest book. The architecture the costume of the cast and the rooms are like walking into a museum and very believable.

The Best Part:
the best and most thrilling part is the actual ride. You get a different combination of drops and lifts every time and at the top be sure to keep your eyes open because you can see the whole park from up there and it is awesome. It's thrilling and it makes your adrenalin rush. I just love that feeling. It is funny how something I was so afraid of is now my favorite ride in all the parks. I just love it.

Let me know what your favorite ride is and what you think of the Tower of Terror in the comments below. I would love to know.


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